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While telecom services are critical to most companies, the management of these expenses can get in the way of focusing on your business. This is especially true if it’s been a while since you negotiated your contracts, your business has expanded to more locations, or you just need a detailed snapshot of all your telecom services and costs.

Fortunately, Ruby+Solberg can help you zero in on these moving targets and provide the expertise and management required to get the most out of your telecom investment.

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Telecom Expense Analysis

This service includes a thorough financial analysis of your company’s telecom services and invoices, and offers recommendations on ways to reduce costs. Ruby+Solberg also provides a detailed inventory of every asset, number and account with corresponding locations. Our expense management professionals will help you locate significant savings and give you a comprehensive snapshot of all your services and costs.

Telecom Billing Optimization

Ruby+Solberg offers an ongoing, subscription-based Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service that typically provides clients with an ROI between 60% and 110%. Our specialists handle the complex and time-consuming operations of invoice processing, dispute resolution, contract management and billing – so your business can focus on growth and innovation.

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