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Internally managing your telecommunications, mobile and cloud expenses can be complex, time consuming
and requires intimate technical knowledge. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each of our clients, with a focus on reducing operational expenses and delivering ongoing savings. Ruby+Solberg provides free and contingency fee-based in-depth analysis to get a comprehensive view of your hardware and software inventory, contracts and monthly bills. Our ongoing, subscription based maintenance plans alleviate the burden of handling invoices, services and dispute resolution in house.

Service Categories


We provide contingency-fee based Telecom Expense Analyses and ongoing Telecom Billing Optimization to help you save costs.


We offer a Free Mobile Expense Analysis and ongoing Mobile Device and Expense Management plans to help you reduce fees and optimize your corporate wireless assets.

Technical Consulting

To accommodate the specific needs of every business, we offer additional expense management and technology consulting services that can be rolled into any of our standard offerings.


We currently provide a free Cloud Expense Analysis that reveals potential savings and includes recommendations on ways to reduce costs. Our ongoing Cloud Expense Management service is coming soon.

Our service bundles offer special rates for multiple expense analysis services and ongoing plans.

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