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Save 20-50% on Your Telecom Spend

A Telecom Expense Analysis is a detailed examination of your company’s telecom services and invoices, and offers recommendations on ways to reduce costs. This service also includes a full inventory of every asset, number and account with corresponding locations. Navigating multiple telecom contracts with complex terms and at numerous locations can result in your organization being overcharged for telecom services. Ruby+Solberg’s expense management professionals will help you locate significant savings and give you a detailed snapshot of all your services and costs.

A Zero Risk, High-Return Solution

There are no up-front costs and you only pay a portion of the savings we discover. Since Ruby+Solberg provides this service on a contingent fee basis, your organization optimizes all telecom assets and improves the bottom line.

Businesses that join up with Ruby+Solberg for a Telecom Expense Analysis realize, on average, savings of 20-50% of their total spend. How much could your business be saving on telecom expenses?

Analysis Methodology

Data Gathering Contract Compliance Health Check Detailed Reporting Recovery and Execution
Verify and update master telecom inventory Analysis of rate review and risk Analyze contracts and negotiate savings Present findings and recommendations based on the analysis Implement approved service changes
Evaluation of market comps Identify unused services, features and licenses Provide detailed records of our work and your savings
Rate review and market bench mark Review service records for savings opportunities

Service Categories Analyzed

MPLS Wired Phone Lines Voice and Data Spending
SIP Centrex
Point to Point PRI
Ethernet T1
Fiber Toll Free
Broadband Internet Long Distance

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