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Ruby+Solberg has over 20 years of experience providing trusted expense management services for telecom, mobile and coming soon, cloud-based services. Our meticulous expense management professionals, analysts and communication architects work with you to minimize costs and improve services — giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

No matter what tools you use for your business, chances are you’re no longer receiving competitive rates or best-in-class services. When you partner with Ruby+Solberg, we:

  • Optimize the fiscal, technological and operational components of your essential services by uncovering errors
  • Dispute charges and recover erroneous fees
  • Typically reduce your expenses by 20-50%, resulting extensive savings — and we can do the same for your business

How it Works

Our services can save 20–50% of your telecom budget, giving you visibility while improving your bottom line. From telecom cost audits and technical consulting services to monthly invoice processing and bill payments — our services are designed to uncover errors, dispute charges and recover fees.

What We Do

Telecom Audits


Expense Management

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Mobility Management

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Technical Consulting

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Industry Expertise

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each client to reduce fees and provide ongoing savings. Ruby+Solberg has extensive experience for both public and private sector organizations including healthcare, financial services and manufacturing.

As the needs of your business change over time, our experts work right alongside your IT, accounting, cash management and accounts payable departments to ensure seamless communication.

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