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IT professionals shoulder the brunt of challenges when it comes to in-house telecom cost and invoice management. Outsourcing operational tasks to a telecom expense management (TEM) firm can decrease spend and increase visibility in telecom environments, allowing for more accurate budget and technological forecasting

Ruby+Solberg can help you and your staff save time and resources, so you can invest in projects and technologies that would otherwise be out of reach.

Catch 22: Operation vs. Innovation

In-house management of telecom expenses can create barriers to innovation, not to mention depleting budgets and resources. IT professionals face many time constraints, including the management of increasingly complex IT infrastructures and communication channels. Because of this time crunch, opportunities for major TEM cost savings often fall by the wayside.

TEM services include negotiating contracts, dealing with multiple carriers and maintaining an inventory of services and devices. With these tasks handled, your skilled IT employees can focus on your real business goals. Because why not have them focus on what they do best?

TEM Services Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Ruby+Solberg has been coordinating with IT leaders since 1994. Our TEM services have evolved to ensure they are still the best tools to cut costs and make operational management easier. With this freedom, you can focus on higher level projects, growth potential and strategic planning.

Every business has different needs when it comes to telecom environments, which is why Ruby+Solberg offers several service options — allowing you to choose solutions that work best for your IT department.

Our TEM solutions include:

Contingency Fee-Based Cost Audits

  • Improve visibility to locate successful aspects of your telecom networks and areas that need work. Identify and eliminate excess services and equipment.
  • Learn more about risk-free audits.

Ongoing Invoice, Billing and Cost Management with our Advanced TEM solution

Mobile Expense Management

Technical Consulting

A Trusted TEM Firm Since 1994

Ruby+Solberg is proud to work as an extension of our clients’ IT teams and to advocate on their behalf at every turn. We hold vendors to financial detail and accountability while providing responsive, top-tier customer service. We can help you find a holistic TEM solution to put you on track.

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