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Telecom expense management (TEM) firms make life easier for professionals working in complex and fast-paced IT and telecom environments. TEM firms also offer services that deliver a high recurring ROI.

With technology changing at a speed that can be difficult to keep up with, businesses should expect their TEM firm to rise and meet these new challenges. Traditional TEM services — at Ruby+Solberg we call ours Validated Telecom Billing® (VTB®) — are an excellent way to simplify operations and find monthly savings in telecom expenses.

The average ROI for VTB® customers is between 70–110% and we share a breakdown of these savings with clients in monthly ROI reports. These monthly ROI reports offer our clients transparency and accountability, and are a helpful tool for IT budget forecasting, which helps companies stay competitive in the technology race.

Technical Consulting

With a VTB® program, businesses receive technical consulting services, gaining access to expert TEM strategists, information and resources — including new technologies that help businesses achieve greater fiscal and organizational value.

Many companies begin using VTB® technical consulting on a project-by-project basis for activities such as:

  • Troubleshooting on-site and cloud strategies
  • Wireless support
  • Assistance with setting IT strategies
  • MACD support

Because telecom expense and invoice management is costly and cumbersome to manage in-house, standard TEM service should always provide financial return. The addition of technical consulting services like VTB® promises more dynamic, holistic solutions and an even greater ROI on the bottom line.


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