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Over the last several years, a rapid increase in corporate data usage has become the number one cause of rising mobile expenses. Industry projections show this type of data usage will triple during the next four years.
How can you make sure that you aren’t paying too much?

Develop Proactive Strategies

The first step toward achieving lower wireless costs and creating a long-term data management strategy starts with boosting visibility. Ruby+Solberg’s trusted wireless experts offer free Mobile Data Usage assessments that identify areas of waste, misuse or policy non-compliance. The outcome of this analysis is your organization’s starting point to more efficiently and proactively managed wireless costs.

Where Do You Start?

Our powerful data analytics capabilities, powered by MobilSentry™, identify waste and problematic behavior down to the specific activity and user. Every business has a unique mix of devices that establish a minimum data threshold, above which there are savings opportunities for every reduced gigabyte of usage.

Make The Most Of Your Assessment

Gaining insight into your wireless program is the perfect way to begin an ongoing Mobile Expense Management (MEM) service. Ruby+Solberg can help your organization get the best pricing and data plans in the marketplace, while giving you a greater ability to scale your wireless environments as needed.

The time and money you’ll save by outsourcing these tasks will refocus your staff’s efforts back into your core business, making your digitally-connected workforce happier and more efficient.

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