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Runaway Expenses

Neil Jones Food Company processes fruit and vegetable products for customers around the world. During the off-season, Neil Jones employs around 500 to 700 people, but during the busy packing season employment swells to more than 2,700 people. As their telecom service needs fluctuate with the seasons each year, a unique approach was needed to optimize services and decrease overall spend.

Telecom costs were out of control due to incorrect charges and complex billing fluctuations. Efforts to track, research and pay telecom invoices internally proved to be expensive and time consuming, and was a distraction from their core business.

“The savings we have encountered by using Ruby+Solberg has been fantastic. They keep our expenses under control. Ruby+Solberg has continued to review our bills, and on a monthly basis, they find overbilling expenses, fees, or errors that save us money. They saved us countless hours that would have been spent in billing research. If I were to have one thing to say to another company that is thinking about using Ruby+Solberg to help control their telecommunications expenses, it would be, go for it!”

-Alain Godbout, Director of Information Systems for Neil Jones Food Company


Save thousands on telecom expenses

A Ruby+Solberg Cost Audit saved Neil Jones 30% of what they were spending on their telecom services. To maintain the financial benefits of their audit, Neil Jones enrolled in Ruby+Solberg’s full service TEM, VTB® (Validated Telecom Billing). In addition to ongoing cost savings, VTB® relieved Neil Jones Food Company of the burden of telecom invoice management, allowing them to focus on running and improving their business.

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