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Paying too much for Telecom Services


Columbia Forest Products is North America’s largest manufacturer of hardwood, plywood and veneer products with locations throughout the United States and Canada. They needed to regain control of their telecom costs while being sure they were getting the most out of their services. As a large company with locations spread throughout so many regions, Columbia Forest needed a tailored solution to their telecom cost woes.  


Communications at CFP were not operating efficiently because billing was dispersed across the entire organization and the company was paying superfluous charges throughout their network. They didn’t have the internal resources or expertise to properly analyze their telecom billing or manage contracts. Once Columbia Forest Products realized they were spending too much and receiving substandard services, a quick call to Ruby+Solberg set them on the path to saving money and optimizing services.  


“Ruby+Solberg has helped us not only to flatline our wireless services as we have grown, they have been able to drive our telecommunication cost down. I would recommend that anyone use Ruby+Solberg, they allow you to stay focused on what your core competencies are within your own business.”

-Cliff Cayer, Director of Network Operations for Columbia Forest Products

By enrolling in Ruby+Solberg’s Cost Audit and VTB® services, Columbia Forest Products drastically reduced their spend and removed the strain of expense management from their IT and AP departments. During a recent cost audit, Ruby+Solberg found $70,000 in annual savings in Columbia Forest Products’ wireless bills alone. VTB® centralized this customer’s billing and contracts, and keeps costs from creeping back up during the year.

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