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“Companies lose 12 – 17% of what they spend on telecommunications as a result of unorganized telecom expense management”

-The Aberdeen Group

  • Identify savings
  • Reconcile invoices, identify overcharges, reduce late fees
  • Streamline payments and cost allocation
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Essential TEM (ETEM)

With ETEM, our telecom and datacom experts handle the complex and time-consuming operations of managing invoices and billing in a line item detailed level.

  • Receive and process all telecom invoices
  • Ensure line-by-line analysis of every bill to identify and resolve disrepancies
  • Dispute incorrect charges and other billing errors
  • Process vendor refunds and credits
  • Provide customized GL reports that sync with in-house accounting systems
  • Reconcile payments on all accounts
  • Provide periodic reporting, detailing expense trends and ROI

Advanced TEM (ATEM)

ATEM includes all the services as described in ETEM above, plus:

  • Full-Service Contract Management
    • Ensure compliance
    • Provide update on contract terms, fees, pricing and management of contracts
    • Track & avoid ETF’s, Negotiate new contracts, and Benchmark pricing
  • Full-service Inventory Management
    • Identify and load new inventory based on automated flags, completed orders
    • Inventory status & service locations updated
    • Update new inventory with location, service type, and item type as provided by Client/with new contract
  • MACD help desk service (moves, adds, changes, deletes)
    • Offer service desk capability to handle all changes
    • Ensure proper approvals are in place
    • Update inventory and contracts as a result of changes


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