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Mobile Expense and Device Management

Our mobile expense and device management optimization program is an ongoing, subscription-based service with an ROI of 75-200%. We work within your corporate policies to manage your employees’ usage in real time. We’ll help you optimize rates and mobile plans to reduce the amount your organization spends on mobile expenses.

As with all of our services, we focus on providing top-notch customer service to ensure seamless coordination within your IT, accounting, cash management and accounts payable departments.

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Our Expense Management Professionals Will:

  • Receive and process all mobile invoices
  • Negotiate contracts and billings for savings opportunities
  • Manage mobile purchase and data permissions based on client-specific policies
  • Manage mobile order fulfillment
  • Restructure and optimize user data pools
  • Automate user data limits
  • Send out monthly reports detailing expense trends and ROI of Ruby+Solberg services
  • Provide a full-service help desk supporting all end-customer issues, including warranty
    exchanges and equipment failure

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