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For the past 23 years telecom experts Ruby+Solberg, an independent telecom and datacom cost consulting firm, has been helping clients add profits to their bottom line by slashing your telecom and datacom costs.  Based in Portland, our dedicated team of telecom professionals, auditors and accountants provide cost management solutions customized to fit the needs of your business.

Why does my business need to outsource Telecom Expense Management? What is the advantage?

Telecom can often be the third largest expense within an organization; our telecom experts can help you reduce telecom costs immediately by 15-40%.

Billing errors are common and costly, with inaccuracies appearing on up to 80% of invoices (Aberdeen).  Our team’s industry knowledge gives them the ability to cut through the red tape and resolve vendor billing disputes easily and efficiently.

Ruby+Solberg streamlines the telecom management process for your IT and AP staff, letting them get back to projects critical to your business success and core competencies.

Our services provide invaluable tools to help your business with long term planning, budgeting, and negotiating with vendors.

What Services does Ruby+Solberg Offer?

Over two decades of industry experience allow us to assess your telecom needs and provide a variety of expense management services to help you save money and improve efficiency.

Telecom Cost Audits

Telecom experts Ruby+Solberg has no carrier affiliations, so our audits are truly unbiased.  Audits are billed on a contingent fee basis, so there is no risk to begin the process—you won’t be billed unless we’re able to save you money.  We will:

  • Verify all charges, locate billing errors, and recover funds
  • Present a comprehensive report of all telecom expenses
  • Make recommendations to save on future telecom expenses and implement approved changes
  • Typical immediate savings: between 15-40%


  • Ruby+Solberg provides consulting services for specific telecom and datacom projects, budgets, new technology etc. When companies want to upgrade their network, change carriers, research or implement new technologies, they should include a seasoned telecom consultant in the decision-making process to optimize plans and minimize costs.

Contract Management

  • We negotiate directly with your carriers for the rates and services that best suit the needs of your business.
  • Ruby+Solberg negotiates private contracts with telecom and datacom vendors: no internal staff can be expected to possess the same expertise to evaluate vendor proposals and contracts with complex terms, rates and conditions as an experienced consultant. Our consultants are professionals in this arena and have negotiated contracts for many clients, with many vendors, and are always current with industry trends.   This is the reason most Fortune 100 companies, even with their large internal telecom staffs, retain outside consultants to negotiate major telecom vendor contracts on their behalf.  Most fortune 100 firms and smaller companies alike realize the need for outside professional assistance from experts in the telecom space.

Validated Telecom Billing® (VTB®): Ongoing Telecom Expense Management

Even companies that have undergone a one-time audit typically will suffer from subsequent expense creep that averages 3-4% or more per year.  This is because vendor invoices continue to generate new erroneous charges and overbillings.  We recommend VTB® services as an ongoing solution:

  • All of your invoices are sent to Ruby+Solberg and stored in our secure software platform along with your vendor contracts and records of disputes.
  • Your assigned analyst carefully reviews each invoice—line by line– to verify all charges are correct; erroneous charges are disputed and recovered.
  • We provide custom weekly billing reports including all invoices to be paid, along with proper GL code so the reports may be uploaded directly into you accounting software.
  • Ruby+Solberg then makes each payment on your behalf – a key differentiator in our industry.


  • Weekly billing reports with GL code mapping for your accounting or AP department
  • Monthly savings summary report
  • 6 month trend reports
  • Custom reporting available upon request

Wireless Management

  • Minimize wireless overages by monitoring and adjusting data plans as needed in addition to negotiating on your behalf to ensure the best rate and plans possible for your business.

We focus on telecom cost management so you can focus on your business.


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